Research your product like your potential buyers research your product, and you’re likely to find misconceptions in the market place. Misconceptions that place doubt in the buyer’s mind, killing sales opportunities.

These misconceptions present their own opportunity. The opportunity for a reversal of opinion. We made the video above as an example of such a reversal.

Starting @ 1:25 mark, you’ll see real an explanation of the buying decisions made, and how the talk in the snowmobile forums came into the thinking process. I choose snowmobiling as an example vehicle because it was fresh in my mind as a great reversal opportunity, and I love snowmobiling.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see how this video would be of great value to the manufacturer and their dealer network. Boss loved it btw.

Did you see how this video reversed a marketplace misconception? Let us know what you think.

Thanks for watching.

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