Here at the Ing Guides, we’re firm believers in common sense. For instance, it’s just common sense to us that creatures evolved in the outdoors over millions of years, would still thrive in the outdoors today. And, that maybe those creatures would benefit from time spent in their natural habitat doing what they were made to do.

If you’re the cynical type who needs scientific proof of every obvious darn thing out there, just google “health benefits of time in nature”. Strike that. Watch the video first, then google it. Strike that too. Watch the video, subscribe to this channel, then google it.

Anyway, there’s another thing we human creatures evolved doing, namely, ensuring our existence by being highly mobile, highly active, highly sweaty creatures. Christopher McDougall’s book “Born to Run” is a good read on that aspect of human evolution. Remember, watch, subscribe, then read the book.

Common sense, google search results, and Christopher McDougall can’t all be wrong. Such a triumvirate of overwhelming proof, along with a million other reasons, make us hearty proponents of getting out and mucking about with good Ol’ Ma Nature.

So, for those wacky reasons, we think you’d prefer a life living to the fullest while helping others do the same. And that’s why we made this video, and many others, to help you make that happen. So I guess the order is now: watch, subscribe, share this video, google, then read.

Actually, all you have to do is realize this. All matter is energy, energy is vibration, vibrations resonate, environment shapes resonance. Turns out you resonate best when outside and moving. So yeah, act accordingly.

You should also probably watch the video at the very least. You’ve already read so much about the thought behind it, might as well satisfy your curiosity.

Cheers! The Ing Guides