Was there ever an industry better suited for online video than the outdoor market?

– 52% of consumers feel more confident about a buying decision after watching a product video.

  • 80% conversion increase with video on landing pages, like product sales pages.

You don’t need some fancy statistician to see how powerfully video portrays the outdoors experience. Next best to thing to being there, right? Video done well resonates on an emotional level with the viewer. It’s said to “strike a chord.” That resonance creates a connection which is the means for aligning your company’s ethos with the consumer’s aspirations.

Consumers won’t buy until they are confident they will use and enjoy what the seller provides. Achieving such confidence is easy when a customer can try an item on in a store before the sale. It’s far more difficult when the buyer is shopping online. Here again, video done well can round out the online buying experience. It can inform, entertain, and inspire. It can makes us feel something. That’s real.

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