“Fun night session yesterday at Pawtuckaway! After a few days of work I got to the top of an awesome slab problem, Midnight in a Perfect World. It is described as having a slab dyno, but after ruining my right hand on the sharp jug multiple times I found a more static way of climbing it. Hopefully it sees more traffic in the future as it is a really great problem. Slab isn’t my strong suit so it was good to work on my anti style.” – Keith Nadeau

Another night climbing session from Keith and as usual he’s crushing routes regardless of the time of day. Here’s a little more about these climbs for the man himself:

“3 problems from P Way.
Midnight in a Perfect World V9
Rio’s Problem V7
Red Right Hand V6
After a few days of work I found a way to not dyno on midnight in a perfect world which was good because I got 2 blood blisters and lost lots of skin trying to jump. Slab isn’t my specialty so this was a fun one for me to try.” – Keith Nadeau