Gravity is all but unavoidable when riding a bicycle. At some point you’ll be saying to yourself, “wow, it’s getting really hard to pedal.” This can be something of a deterrence to bicycling to most, except for the lycra-clad-racer-types anyway. Well, what if your bicycle had a peddle assist system, which amplifies the leg power you put into the peddles, making uphills as easy as downhills? All fun and no pain would be a good thing right? Keep reading.

One way to experience the thrill of “powering” uphills on two wheels is e-bikes. It’s a thrill if you’re in shape, and it’s manna from heaven if you aren’t. E-Bikes are equalizers. Rolling high tech anti-gravity machines, so to speak. The only side effect we found riding peddle assist bikes was insane amounts of fun.

The Demo Day video is pretty self explanatory. But just so you know; Colonial Bicycle in Salem, NH recently hosted a Trek E-bike demo day. Ing Guides was there to report on it for you. In short, we’re hooked, more e-bike reports to come.

Thanks to the whole crew at Colonial Bicycle Company and Taylor Cook at Trek Bikes.

Colonial Bicycle Company

Trek E-Bikes

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