Click the link at the bottom of this rant to see a very interesting Fast Company article about the Specialized ADHD school cycling project.

You’ve probably seen some version of this joke online.

Q: How many ADHD children does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Let’s go ride bikes!

The setup differs, but the punch line is always the same, let’s go ride bikes. Hmmmm, kinda funny.

Now the serious part. It breaks my heart to know how many kids are medicated for ADHD, simply because they’re so full of life they need to get it out, NOW! From what I can tell about evolution and all that science, kids are supposed to be impulsively active.

I hope this program from Specialized proves to be a great success. More bikes and less meds is good by me.

Let’s Go Ride Bikes!


Specialized Has A Plan To Use Bicycling To Help Manage ADHD In Schools