Ing Guides is gearing up for cycling coverage. (See what we did there?) That means we needed to do some camera and mic tests, to make sure we could bring our audience the goods looking and sounding, well, good.

To that end, we rolled around this cool little neighborhood in Gloucester, MA near the shoreline testing our setup. Please ignore the oneway sign. Anyway, we needed something to talk about for the mic test. The camera man, who was filming with an OSMO gimbal attached to an e-bike, suggested I tell a story about my bike. So, I told the story or how I got a professional bike fit from Hussam at ATA Cycle.

The fit story is pretty self explainable, just watch the short presentation above, because if you’re a cyclist you need this.

For those curious, we used a $20 no name mic connected to a Zoom H1 recorder. We used a three slap technique for syncing the audio and picture in post. Our levels were a bit hot, and the audio is so so. We graduated to a wireless lav system after hearing the results of this test.

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