Doing a video talking to the camera and posting it anywhere, let alone to my professional network, was not something on my radar. That was a terrifically shortsighted outlook. The community safety net of the #LinkedinVideo challenges provided the perfect opportunity for me to go for it. The evolution from my first attempt to the last one, Video 10, is remarkable. I’ll let you watch for yourself, but what you’ll notice is an improvement in just about every aspect. Framing, hand gesture, message tightness, and on and on. \

I’ll be doing more of this type of work. We’re brainstorming, in a box, to see where our efforts in this realm could take us. Stay tuned. Thanks for watching.

Video 1. The video above was the first of the challenge. I told myself, “I’m doing this,” and what you see is the result. I’m not the cutter my editor is, so the piece turned out a bit rough, but it got the ball rolling.



Video 2. The Born to Run story is something I’ve been telling to anyone who’d listen for years. I ran thru it kinda fast and mangled some of the words. Btw, the Lion’s of Africa roam free on the savannas not the safaris. When I muff it, I just keep on keeping on.



Video 3. This piece on “thinking outside the box” seemed to resonate with my fellow creatives. The box we use is called the “New Client Workbook”, and it helps us on board new clients. Complicated endeavors greatly benefit from using a process. The workbook is our process. Video on the specifics is in the works.



Video 4. This one got me a little choked up. If you notice the part when things get a little emotional, I hold myself in tightly. It worked and I got thru without the water works. This one has an important message for all of us.



Video 5. This is the piece where I began to bring it all together. Intro, body, and outro. The love sandwich talk originated for me through the IISA instructor examiner program. Golly, that was a swell, gig.


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