Here are my videos from the second half to the #Linkedinvideo challenges. A previous post contains the original#5videos challenge pieces.

What are these videos about? They’re about dropping inbound-creative science!

I didn’t write a script for these pieces. I simply thought about an idea that I wanted speak of before I wrote a quick outline. Then I did 2-3 takes, watching the results inbetween. Then I did a final take. A couple of the videos are straight runs with no cuts. Most have a couple edits for brevity and clarity.

Video 8. For the video above, the topic came about because of what we were shooting for the day. Bikes. I could explain it, or you could just watch the video. Dopamine is ensured.



Video 6. Mike McGann is an influenza on LinkedIn. His exact spelling not mine. I saw a video he made in my LI feed, and it really made me laugh. Here’s my take. Mr McGann liked it.



Video 7. The News-Jack as Ing Guides does it. Glad to see some of the oldest tricks still resonate. We’re in the edit room working on the Cannondale Synapse hi-jack as I type. Lots of dopamine ensured.



Video 9. We’re wizard’s. If you’re a creative you’re one too. Aaaand, we’re all in creative at some level. Watch the video to see what I mean.



Video 10. I made over 80 new connections on LinkedIn by doing these video challenges over 10 days. One of the original challengers thinks the people who last will be collaborators who provide value. You mean like our Free Story Idea?




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