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A few words about us. Movie coming soon…

We’re editing together our own brand movie to occupy this spot. It’s about life and bikes.

Until the movie is ready to speak for us, the words below, will simply have to do.

That which we believe.

We believe it does a mind and body good to get outside and move.

We believe humans would benefit by adding some natural to their lives.

We believe in our ability to educate, inform, and inspire action, in other words to guide.

We believe its our duty to guide others who are beginning to realize the benefits of adding some natural to their lives.

We believe action is reality.

We believe in life.

We believe in nature.

Most of all – we believe in You!

Anyway, while you wait for our little story about life and bikes, go outside and play.

Please! didn’t you just read the above? GO OUTSIDE! We’ll join you as soon as we finish this edit. Turns out tooting your own horn without looking gratuitous ain’t easy, and takes time.

Thank you for your interest. We take it very seriously.


Ing Guides Media

What’s this “ing” thing all about?
It’s all about you!

We designed this active outdoor lifestyle guide for aspiring adventurers who are ready to spend more time being true to their real nature.

It’s said, “a fish doesn’t know it’s wet.” You think that fish would “know something”, if it all of a sudden wasn’t wet? Fish don’t do dry well. They’re adapted for a particular environment, and that’s it. The alarm bells go off when the fish is exposed to an environment hostile to the fish’s existence. A glaring example of self preservation.

Whereas we might see fish as having limited adaptability, humans can damn near adapt to any unnatural circumstance. When we venture away from what’s natural, there’s no immediate glaring alarm bells sounding. Over time, the lack of warning becomes a problem, because it turns out, damn near anything unnatural, usually isn’t in the long term best interest of most humans. In fact, too much unnatural living is making us sick, depressed, and fat. OOPS, did I write that out loud?

I actually write that with great empathy. That’s because many of us here, have been, there. Maybe like you, we’ve gotten caught up in a web of negative worldly circumstances leading to bad habits, loss of fitness, depression, you name it.

One by one, each one of us, at some point had to say, “enough is enough, I’ve got to do something about this.” And then we did do something. We fought back, we regained our natural vitality, and we used that energy to change our life’s circumstances.

Anyone with an interest in the outdoors will appreciate these pages. We’ve got a lot of great useful content. But I suspect, if you’ve had it with your current circumstances, and your looking to make a change, you’ll benefit the most from from what you’ll find here. It’s kind of a takes-one-to-know-one kinda thing.

Jack Brumm
Fall 2016