A brand movie is able to convey the otherwise indescribable reason why your business should matter to your customers in the first place.


This video case study is a short story in four chapters. Its about using a brand movie as the centerpiece of the online buying experience. In the case of Lincoln, this included a 30 minute brand movie and a media rich eCommerce site.

Part 1: Communicate the brand’s passion for the sport with storytelling.

“How do we engage our audience outside the walls of our shop?”

– Marc Bourgoin: Owner, Lincoln Canoe & Kayak

Marc was trying to tell the story of Lincoln for years. So what changed? Well, we took the time to get to know Marc and his business. We listened to his stories. We witnessed his skill and experience on the water. We captured his passion. -LINCOLN CANOE & KAYAK HOMEPAGE

“You have to not only sell the company and the product, but you also have to sell the sport.

– Jack Brumm: Creative Director, Ing Guides Media

A brand movie paints a powerful picture in the viewer’s mind. One capable of changing attitudes, making the brand movie an excellent vehicle for aligning the brand’s ethos with the buyers, well before any product selling takes place.   -“WHY WE KAYAK” BRAND MOVIE PAGE

Part 2: Communicate the indescribable by sharing the experience.

Part 3: Three Steps to eCommerce – Map the Process, Create Media, Develop Site.

“The way the website has been constructed… it’s a perfect example of effective inbound marketing

– Marc Bourgoin: Owner, Lincoln Canoe & Kayak

When desire wanes, sales stall. The right media, strategically placed, keeps buyers moving from homepage to check out. You accomplish this by first mapping a well conceived step-by-step process which then guides the development of the online buying experience.  -LINCOLN CANOE & KAYAK FABRICATION PAGE

“It’s really about learning the passion for the sport that’s behind the product

– Jack Brumm: Creative Director, Ing Guides Media

When your buyers are in the decision stage, they crave shiny drool worthy product demo videos and photo galleries. Give it to them! Content that keeps your buyer close to your buy button is a necessary investment. Money well spent if it makes people come back again and again.  -“ISLE AU HAUT” KAYAK PRODUCT PAGE

Part 4: Create Desire With Visual Storytelling.